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Pleased to Meet You!

I started this blog in early 2020 shortly after my diagnosis of adult onset Parkinson's Disease. If you haven't read my original story, please take some time to read this first post:

Although I've been sharing my personal journey, Parkinson's Disease (PD) affects more than me. It impacts my family and especially my wife, Doreen. She is with me on this journey and helps me keep track of medications, journal symptoms, and maintain a positive attitude with encouragement and support for everything I do to slow the disease's progression. Recently, she shared her desire to be more active as a voice so people can hear from the care giver and not just the person receiving care. We'll share more details later, but in the meantime I realized we lacked a social media presence. My existing channels are all technology-focused, and I want a space to focus more on PD and to welcome Doreen's thoughts and input. So, we created some new channels just for this journey!


We plan to produce more video content, so it just made sense to create a dedicated channel. I made a playlist with some existing videos and migrated a few videos over.

A screenshot of the YouTube channel
Preview of the new YouTube Channel

We don't have subscribers yet, so I can't configure a "vanity URL," but you can access the channel with this link:

Just click the link then hit the subscribe button to show your support and to receive notifications when we post new content. I uploaded my first new video today, a short mash-up of some pull-ups that I did during training.


Doreen and I created an Instagram account to reflect the journey from both of our perspectives. We'll add her content as it becomes available. She came up with the clever name of "You, me, and PD" and fortunately it was available!

A screenshot of the Instagram page
You, me, and PD!

Here's the link so you can start following:

Don't worry: we will post pictures of hikes and gatherings, food and other topics. It's not just for workout updates!


YouTube is expression with video and Instagram with visual media, but what about sharing thoughts and having discussions? Fortunately, our account was available on Twitter too.

A screenshot of the @You_Me_And_PD Twitter page

We would both love it if you could follow us at @You_Me_And_PD. Please say, "Hello" and share your stories, thoughts, or ask any questions you have. Doreen and I will both be available to answer. We're excited to have a special way to connect and look forward to saying, "Pleased to meet you" online.

It's a humble start but every journey starts with the first step. We hope you'll be part of our support team as we embark on a trip to the unknown. We look forward to the possibilities!

See you online,

Doreen and

Jeremy Likness


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