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Introducing the You, Me, and PD Podcast

We did it! 🎉🥂🎈🎈🎈

Doreen and I successfully recorded and published our new podcast entitled "You, Me, and PD." The RSS Feed for the podcast is here:

You, Me, and PD is a unique conversation between my wife and me. We host candid conversations about living with Parkinson's Disease, share stories and tips, and discuss the physical and emotional impact of the diagnosis. We'll share our approach to exercise, nutrition, supplements, faith, estate planning, and coping with grief. We hope you'll join us on our special journey through challenge and triumph and share in our combined hope for a cure on the horizon.

The You, Me, and PD Podcast Logo
You, Me, and PD!

Season 1 is entitled "The Year of the Diagnosis" and covers just that. Episode 1, "That Parkinson's Thing" is about the events leading up to the diagnosis and our initial reactions. Listen to learn where the title came from.

As of this blog post, the podcast is hot off the press so it is still being added to various services. Eventually, you'll be able to listen on all of the major providers. As they become available, I'll add links to the podcast website.

I'm also including a link here to play through the popular Spotify service. I hope you enjoy and we look forward to your feedback! We plan to release new episodes every month and I'll blog about them here. Please subscribe using your favorite podcast app, listen and share your thoughts! We also welcome ideas for upcoming episodes.


Jeremy and Doreen

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