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You, Me, and PD S1E4: Facing the Music

I had the pleasure of interviewing music director David Loud for our 4th episode.

David Loud is a renowned Broadway music director, arranger, actor, and now author with his upcoming book, "Facing the Music: A Broadway Memoir." David shares the story of hiding his symptoms, a key moment when he had to face reality, the shock of his diagnosis, and the hidden blessings he found in ending a career that spanned decades to start a new vocation. Anyone impacted by Parkinson's Disease will relate to his powerful and sincere story that is both humbling and encouraging.

To listen, play the video below, listen on your favorite podcast app, or visit for other ways to tune in.

David's book:

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1 Comment

Andrea Malsom
Andrea Malsom
Nov 29, 2021

Wonderful episode! So easy to listen to and such a great story to share. David had mentioned a Physical Therapy program and I wanted to follow up! I think he was mentioning LSVT BIG which is from LSVT Global and originally stemmed from the speech therapy LSVT LOUD program. LSVT stands for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) and is a great way to help manage symptoms of PD. Thanks for coming together for this episode! -Andrea Instagram @MyVoiceTherapy

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